Working with HTV

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Working with HTV, aka iron-on and/or heat transfer vinyl, can be daunting at first. These tips are to help you to learn how to work with HTV:

  • Wash your items without any detergents. All laundry products have softeners and leave a residue. This can prevent vinyl from adhering properly.
  • Use a lint roller to remove any lint or hair you may not see.
  • Before pressing vinyl on the item, press the item itself. This will help to remove any moisture. Make sure to let your time to cool off a bit before putting vinyl on it.
  • Place your vinyl and cover with a Teflon sheet (or parchment paper or craft paper).
  • If you are using an iron you need a low hard surface such as table or you can press on floor. If you have carpet, make sure to put something hard under your vinyl first.
  • When pressing do not push the iron around it can move your vinyl. Press down and keep it in one position.
  • Peel off your vinyl in accordance with products’ specifications. Read your HTV instructions to learn if it is the hot, warm or cool peel. When layering you will need to peel each type of vinyl as directed. If your vinyl starts to lift when you peel it’s a good indicator that it’s a cool peel or that it needs to be pressed with more heat or pressure so repress.
  • When you are applying your vinyl you should be able to see the pattern of your material coming through the vinyl.
  • After you have pressed and removed the carrier sheet, lay down the Teflon (parchment/craft paper) and place your shirt face down and press again for about 15 seconds (longer with a household iron).
  • To extend the life of your creation wash inside out and hang to dry.

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  1. Jeff Kistler

    I cut my design on the dull side of the product and it almost appeared that the vinyl sealed itself back together. Am I doing something wrong? I even increased the pressure on the blade.


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