White Core Cardstock

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Let’s talk about white core cardstock. If you are a seasoned crafter you know that Michaels will often have really good sales on cardstock pad. If you read the fine print carefully you’ll learn that this cardstock has a white core which indicates it is white core cardstock. Is it good? Or is it bad?

Let me reassure you that it is perfectly OK to use white core cardstock. The key is to understand what it is so you know if this is the right cardstock for your project. What does it mean if the paper is white core cardstock? It means that the paper is dyed on both sides, but its middle is not dyed. If you have red cardstock with a white core, it will be a red color on each side, but the middle will be white.

This type of paper will often have a slightly heavier texture than similar weight cardstock paper that has been dyed fully. And if you want to learn about the importance of weight in the paper – this blog post will help you to understand the difference Let’s Learn About Cardstock. Because it is a heavier texture it isn’t ideal for some of the papercraft projects. For example, you’ll have a hard time using this type of cardstock either for small 3D flowers or using it to make a layered rose paper flower. Thicker paper is harder to bend and shape and you will also have a flower with edges displaying the white color.

Depending on what type of template you are working with and what you are using it for, it will be an excellent choice. When I was making Chanukah decorations using this template with blue color white core cardstock the result was priceless. Chanukah’s colors are white and blue, having the edge of a flower display in both colors was a nice touch.

This type of cardstock paper is also great for banners because it is sturdy and it makes an excellent base for your cards! I love these pads from Michaels because they always go on sale and there is so much that can be done with them!

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