Let’s Learn Weeding Cricut Project

You love cutting intricate designs. Your love weeding. Wait, what’s weeding? Do you need to pull weeds off? Not exactly, but close enough! In Cricut world, weeding is removing of all the excess material in a design you don’t want or need.

Weeding process is a hit or miss with Cricut users. Some of us love it, and strategically look for complex and intricate designs that require many weeding hours. Some of us don’t like it too much. And a bit of everything in the middle.

If your project is wide and straight design then removing excess material can be as simple as pulling it off with your finders. With intricate cuts you can’t remove extra with your fingers without damaging your cutout. This is where weeding tools come into place. Weeding tools make this process easier.

Let's Learn Weeding Cricut Project

There are few things you can do to make weeding process easier on yourself:
1. Use sharp blades
2. Make sure your mat is clean
3. Use quality SVGs. If you are cutting “cleaned” up svgs, which isn’t ethically thing to do to begin with, but you will also compromise in quality. Cut lines will not be sharp.
4. Invest into quality weeding tools
5. Use light pad
6. Cut off excess vinyl as you go


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