What is Business Marketing?

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Business marketing is all the activities you do to promote and sell your products and/or services to other organizations. In today’s competitive world you will spend bulk of your time on marketing your products/services. In order to be successful you need to develop solid and most importantly, sustainable strategy, to market yourself. 

You also need to understand that there is no a single marketing strategy that works for every channel or platform that you decide to utilize. While there are commonalities that are true for any platform, you have to tweak your approach to fit it for each platform. For example while you need to understand and apply SEO concepts for each place you are utilizing to promote yourself, there are specific requirements that are unique for an individual platform. While Instagram favors high number of hashtags, this will work against your posts on Facebook.

You also need to be mindful that technology is a big component of a successful marketing strategy. Before opening a shop on Etsy you need to research what it takes to be successful on Etsy, identify you have the right tools to generate content (link it to content blog post) and most importantly ensure that you are comfortable using those tools. Do you plan to use Canva to create your pictures? Are you a mobile user? Before deciding on Canva, ensure you are comfortable using it on your mobile device. 

What are good places for crafters to market their crafts?

Facebook groups – you want to join reputable crafting groups that allow sales. Ensure you read the rules before you join. Understand that it is your responsibility to adhere to the rules of each group when cross posting. Not following the rules of a group will result in you being banned from the group. 

Facebook Business Page – if you don’t have one, you should consider creating one. While gaining traffic on Facebook has become more challenging. If and when done correctly, it is one of the best tools to build your audience and interact with your audience. You can also treat your personal Facebook account and set it up to behave like a Facebook Page. The benefit of doing that is if you create an attractive post in a Facebook group and someone clicks on your profile, it will present as a business and can get you a potential client. The drawback is that you can’t run ads from a personal Facebook account. For that you need Facebook Business Page.

Pinterest – a great marketing tool that can bring attention and traffic to you if used correctly. The key to successful pinning is to create boards with good titles, size your images in correct dimension and pin at least 10 pins each day. Pinners who pin up to 30 pins a day will see the most success. Remember not to stuff your pin descriptions with keywords, and instead utilize keyword plugin to help you to generate descriptions. Consider converting your personal Pinterest account into a business account to get the most out of the analytics tool available to business accounts.

Etsy – while it is often said that Etsy is oversaturated, with good strategy, solid understanding of SEO, and attractive pictures, Etsy continues to be a good place to offer your products and services. 

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