Weeding Tools For Cricut Projects

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You love cutting intricate designs with your Cricut machine. Your love weeding. Wait, what’s weeding? Do you need to pull weeds off? Not exactly, but close enough!

After you finish cutting your projects, you need to remove everything that isn’t your design. If your project is wide and straight design removing excess material can be as simple as pulling it off with your finders. With intricate cuts you can’t remove extra with your fingers without damaging your cutout. This is where weeding tools come into place. Weeding tools make this process easier.



Weeding Tools For Cricut Projects

Weeding tools are sharp and pointy. They allow you to lift excess material, pull it, squeeze it, hold it in place, etc. You are weeding your cut off extra material, aka, weeding process. There are many options available for you. You can purchase Cricut brand weeding tool set and/or off brand, such as Nicapa. Some people even prefer to get a set of dental tools for it. And then of course there is weeding pen tool that is beloved by many.

What weeding tools are the best? A simple answer is – whichever one works the best for you. Off brands work just as well as brand ones. Let the best deal and price be your deciding factors.


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