Sharpening Blades For Cricut Machines

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If you have been around Cricut groups on Facebook then undoubtedly you have come across posts arguing against and for the practice of sharpening Cricut blades by poking it into an aluminum ball.

Cricut fine-point blades are manufactured with premium German carbide steel for durability and precision. When treated properly modern carbide blades will provide you with a long life of clean, chip-free, precision cutting. In case of Cricut blades proper treatment would be wiping down your blades on regular basis, and of course poking it into an aluminum ball. This will remove dust and any residue you might have from cutting different materials. But it will NOT sharpen your blades.

 Carbide steel is so hard, it can only be sharpened using an exceptionally fine grit diamond wheel. A good quality carbide blade can be sharpened 3-4 times before it needs to be replaced.

In conclusion, contrary to crafting myth propagated by many crafters that poking it into an aluminum ball sharpens blades, it doesn’t.

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