Easy Reverse Canvas Project With Paper Flowers

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Reverse canvas is a great first project. It is quite cheap to make, very hard to mess it up, and it is always a great project to create beautiful décor for your house, to give as presents, and/or fun crafting projects with kids. A reverse canvas is a method of converting back stapled canvases and turning them into a sign. The great thing is that you have the frame and the canvas for your backing.  It is truly a perfect kind of DIY hack.

Are you ready to learn the simple magic behind creating an amazing reverse canvas project? This easy-to-follow tutorial is just what you need. Read on to learn about the materials, tools, and detailed steps, and you’ll be creating wonderful pieces!

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  • Grab couple of canvas from Michaels and/or Dollar Tree. Both stores have them as package deal. Michael’s frames have a grove and typically don’t need to be sanded down. Dollar Tree tends to be flat and almost always needs to be sanded
  • You can use either permanent vinyl and/or HTV vinyl for this project. Make sure to use my coupon TIPS
  • Download free design from Design Bundle, unzip it, and pull into Design Space. Follow this easy tutorial that walks you through unzipping your files
  • Acrylic Paint from Michaels – I enjoy working with FolkArt brand. It lays on easily and doesn’t leave smudges


  • Cut out canvas material off your frame
  • Sand down your frame if needed. Paint it whatever color you like. You can use acrylic paint, or whatever you might already have at home. Or stain it
  • Put your frame over your canvas and measure the space inside
  • Adjust the size of your design in Design Space to fit inside the frame
  • Cut your design. If you are going to use permanent vinyl, you’ll need your transfer tape to lift your design. If you are using HTV, follow the directions of the product. Remember to mirror if your HTV calls for it
  • Staple the canvas to the back of the frame. Try to stretch your canvas as much as you can to have it that tight look. You can also spray a bit of water on the back of the canvas after you staple it and it will tighten a bit more. You can also use glue as well, but I find it harder to stretch if I use a glue
  • Glue on your small paper flowers. Read this detailed blog post that will explain to you how to create 3D small paper flowers


  • Hang it using 3M strips if you don’t want to nail it. If you want to nail it, adhere tooth saw to the back of your canvas

Pro Tip – If you are using permanent vinyl on canvas you might run into issues with vinyl sticking to canvas. There are several things you can do. Put mod podge on the canvas to help vinyl to adhere better. I am not super crazy about this one myself.

paper flowers for all occasions

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