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Large segment of crafters lacks basic professionalism. It is evident in communication style, how concerns are handled, language of contract and etc.

From time to time I outsource some of the décor making and I seek out local talent. Whenever I get “hun”, or “hey girl”, “honey”, and etc., I politely exit out of the conversation, no matter how good the deal might be. Unless we are in a close relationship where these names are acceptable, I don’t want to be called hun, or be addressed as “hey girl”. To me that speaks of unprofessionalism. 

Most of communication takes place online today. If I am inquiring about your work, and I get short replies, it tells me you are not serious about your business at all. Whenever I get emails in my Etsy shop, I always write something “Hello, thank you for reaching out.” And I almost always finish my emails with “Thank you for patronage”, even if the email was to complain about a template or report an issue with it.

How we speak with the customers, especially when dealing with customers’ complains can make it or break it for us.

I am a member in several groups that were created as outlets for crafters to report business for poor dealing, customers and etc. Almost always people get a lot of feedback (not very positive and encouraging) about the use of “huns” and how they choose to handle a difficult situation.

Remember that if something is posted on the web, it can easily lead back to you. Avoid sharing screenshots of private conversations you have with your customers. Remember that blacking out customer’s name doesn’t mean that it won’t get back to the customer. Many of us “live” in the same groups. There is a good chance you and your customer will find themselves in the same group. How would a customer feel when seeing a post that disparages them?

Avoid a desire to go Real Time on anyone no matter how justified you feel at the moment. You simply don’t know how sharing a negative experience that involves another person will come back to impact you later. 

In short – you have to stay professional at all times even when a customer is being less than polite. There are dignified ways to say your peace, get your point across while remaining civil and professional.

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