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The art of paper flowers has been around for a long time. What’s a long time you ask? Chinese invented paper in 100 B.C., they began creating lanterns, fans, and, of course, flowers. Mexico has several paper flower festivals. Famous fashion designers built paper flower dresses and beyond.

The possibility of what you can do with paper flowers is endless, especially in the Cricut crafting world. Did you know our beloved Cricut machines can cut most intricate designs, including lace? Let’s go and learn about some paper flower tools.

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It all begins with understanding paper type, weight, and the unit of measure assigned to it. You might see paper’s weight measured in lbs (pounds) or gsm (grams per square meter), or both. Both are used for measuring paperweight. When trying to decide which paper to get for your project, remember that if the paper’s measurement is in lbs, it is important to note the type of paper. Why? Because print paper 80lbs weight will be thinner than cardstock paper 65lbs. If the paper has gsm measure, it is a better measurement of a paper’s weight

For most Cricut projects you will be using cardstock.  You’ll want 65 lbs cover weight option. This is an excellent choice for beginners. My favorite go-to brand is Recollections. As you get more experienced consider moving to 80 lbs cover weight as a good medium. PRO TIP – Cover weight paper can be called cardstock, designer papers, and/or specialty paper. Always read through the fine print to make sure you are buying the correct paper for your project.

Supplies can be broken into two sections must have and nice to have.




I have an entire YouTube playlist that shows how to style paper flowers in different ways 

Do you prefer to read through a blog post? I have just what you need!


As a paper flower template maker, I have a lot to say on the subject! Let’s start with acknowledging that freebies are great! Oh, by the way, don’t forget to subscribe and get my freebies! 

With that said, if you want your final result to make a powerful impact, you want templates that will give an exquisite end result. Check out my templates, and let me know what you think. I highly recommend checking out a fellow paper florist DeaneyWeaneyBlooms, her work is subliminal. We both pride ourselves on being ethical crafters who take a strong stance on respecting intellectual property.

Are you still looking for more ideas? Give this Pinboard a look.

want to find more projects to use these tools on?

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