Why My Cricut Machine Isn’t Working?

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You turned your Cricut machine on, send the project, and the machine isn’t cutting. Oh oh… What’s happening? This could be happening for several reasons.


Is your machine properly powered on? If the machine has no power, or only intermittent power, first ensure that the plug is secure in the power port on the machine, in the power adapter, and in the wall outlet. It is possible for the cutting mat to unplug the power cord and/or USB cable from the machine as it is moving through the machine during a cut.

Follow these steps to see if these will resolve your issue:

  1. Turn your machine off completely, before turning it back on
  2. Check the power supply and socket
  3. Check for an update on Cricut Design Space
  4. Log out of Cricut Design Space then back in
  5. Check that nothing is stuck in any part of your machine if so carefully remove it

If the power button light is flashing or blinking red when you first power the machine on, try using a different cord to connect your machine. If this doesn’t resolve your issue, you will need to contact Cricut’s Member Care for assistance. Always make sure that you are using most updated firmware for your Cricut machine to work correctly.

One of the most common complains about machine is that Cricut machine is making clicking sounds. First thing you want to do is to make sure that your Cricut machine needs to be greased. Make sure that the Cricut machine housing doesn’t move. The housing should not budge at all unless it’s going through the motions of cutting. With you being able to move it free hand, as well as the clicking, are big red flags hard to slide the carriage. If you are experiencing any of that you need to call you will need to contact Cricut’s Member Care for assistance.

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