Luxury Paper Flower Tutorial

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My story of becoming a crafter has come from my “hostess with the mostest” personality. I grew up in a house that loved to entertain. Hosting parties and entertaining are part of my genetic makeup. Wanting to add special touches with custom-made décor to my parties is how I became a paper florist. You can read about my journey here – How I Became Paper Flowers Florist

Now when I host a formal dinner party at my house or help with planning a big event, I bring out a special magical paper flower edition that I call luxury paper flowers. These flowers are very much just like my large paper flower, but with a little something special. Here is a list of extra touches that turn a large paper flower into a luxury paper flower.

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Luxury Flower - white

Templates are a big part of creating a “WOW” result. An intricate design with unique edges is one of the variables to create a magnificent-Templates are a big part of creating a “WOW” result. An intricate design with unique edges is one of the variables to create a magnificent-looking paper flower.  Here are a couple of excellent templates for luxury paper flowers,  template1 template2

Unique ways of styling your paper flower are another big part of a luxury paper flower. Putting a slit in the middle of the flower to raise the edges is just one way to turn a flat cut-out petal into a petal with depth and curls to it. Check out this tutorial on Elegant Lace Paper Flowers.

High-quality cardstock makes all the difference. For a fancy look, I use shimmery colors and ideally 80lbs weight cardstock. A higher weight count helps with keeping the shape to avoid having a floppy-looking flower.

Unique centers give that perfect detail to finish your luxury paper flower. I love using a combination of brooches like this one and combining them with my fringes and 3D paper flowers. Check out this TikTok video for more ideas.
Paper Flower Wedding Decor

Another way to finish your luxury paper flower is to use another flower as a center. For example, for this flower, I combined fringes and I put in a hydrangea flower in the center. While the template itself is a fairly easy one, the right finishing touch gives it a luxurious look and feel.

make your event special:

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