Iron, Cricut Easy Press, Heat Press Analysis

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Can you imagine crafting world without heat iron on vinyl? Neither can I. With a heat being the keyword let’s learn about the equipment that is needed for working with HTV. I am going to start from the cheapest options to the more expensive and outlining the plus and minus attributes for each.

Household Iron


  • Most likely already have in the house
  • It’s lightweight and easy to store


  • You can’t set precise temperature, it is trial and error
  • Heat doesn’t distribute evenly. It can have hot and cold spots and can cause your iron-on to bubble in some places and not adhere in others.
  • It often takes more press time than using other devices


Circut Easy Press


This feedback is true to all Cricut Easy Press machine that are currently available to you for your Cricut projects.


  • It has even heat distribution across the plate
  • It comes in several sizes, depending on your needs you can buy small and/or large
  • It has a safety base that protects your surfaces
  • Easy to store
  • Great for transport
  • Excellent choice for the occasional crafter


  • Has a limit on how high of temp you can get to
  • Loses some of its heat when it is being removed from its base and pressed against a cold surface
  • Need to work on applying pressure
  • The pressure isn’t evenly spread
  • The base is a bit clunky and the cord is in an awkward position
  • The biggest consideration is the price point for the larger size of the Cricut Easy Press. At that point, you should consider getting more of the middle-of-the-way heat press.


Middle of the way heat press is easily available on Amazon

First, let’s discuss clamshell heat press versus swing-away heat press. One of the biggest pluses of clamshell heat press is that it takes up less space than swing away because it is designed as built up. Because of this design, the top part of the clamp heat press can get in the way. The swing heat press is a solid equal of the clamshell with the biggest plus of the top plate, which can be moved completely out of the way. It can rotate 360 degrees and gives you more space to work without risking a burn.

If you are getting one from Amazon, go for the one that is at least 15×15, and has a decent amount of reviews. Always check the most recent reviews for accurate input. F2C Pro and/or TUSY models are often big hits and well loved by all the crafters. Also, ensure you get a free-shipping option and free return. Devices fail, even when it is the most expensive brand. Think ahead to ensure you don’t have to pay extra to return defective machine. Now let’s turn to discussing pros and cons for using a larger size heat press in details.


  • Even temperature
  • Even pressure
  • Consistent results


  • Initial large investment


Higher-end heat-press, such as Heat Press Nation

This one shares the same feedback as the middle of the way heat press above. The big difference is the reputation and quality of the brand. These machines will also come with a better guarantee behind the equipment, longevity, and the processing power. This should be the option to consider if you have firm plan to start crafting for profit.


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