Best Printer For Cricut Projects

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Printers are big part of crafting world and are an integral part of creating amazing results. Let’s begin with a summary of different type of printers and the technology behind them.

  • Inkjet printer prints by spraying microscopic droplets of ink onto paper
  • LaserJet printer – uses a non-impact (keys don’t strike the paper), photocopier technology.
  • Sublimation printeruses heat to transfer dye onto materials such as plastic, card, paper, or fabric.

Can a printer be both, laser printer and inkjet?
No, it can’t be. The same goes for the sublimation printer. It can be either inkjet or a sublimation printer.

Which type of printer is better?
Laser printers is a better technology than inkjets. Inkjet printing is an old way of printing – how it prints ends up consuming a lot of ink. Most crafting products work with inkjet printers only.

Can I use a laser printer to print on printable vinyl?
Maybe. You have to read the product’s description. A good product will call out printing requirements. The majority of the printable vinyl, such as HTV and/or permanent require inkjet.

What’s the best inkjet printer?
All of the big brands such as HP, Canon, and Epson are fairly decent and comparable. What is important to understand is that Inkjet printers make the money off ink usage. If you are printing heavily on regular basis, it doesn’t matter if you have most expensive printer – you will run out of ink pretty quickly. If you want to make the most out of your inkjet printer, you have to look into the ink replacement program just as closely as you do at the printer itself.

What are my option if I don’t want to worry about ink replacement?
If you want to avoid having to worry about ink replacement program considering getting Epson EcoTank printer.

Can I print on any vinyl?
No, it has to be printable HTV and/or printable permanent vinyl and/or stickers paper.


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