How To Make Paper Flowers

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Looking to get started on making paper flowers? Confused by all the different names for the paper flowers? Unsure where to begin with? You don’t need to stress out over the process – you just need a little help. This blog explains supplies, tips, detailed steps, and a full tutorial that will explain the entire process.

Let’s start with understanding the language around paper flowers. What is a rolled paper flower? What is a 3D paper flower? How to make a giant paper flower? Confusing? You are not wrong there. There is no unified terminology around flowers, these terms are often used interchangeably. Paper flowers typically fall into three buckets:

How To Make rolled Paper Flowers

Rolled Paper Flower

This flower is made by cutting a single spiral out of a piece of paper. Roll it up from one end to another. Often it is rolled using tweezers or even a drill. The end of the spiral is glued to the bottom. This type of flower is called rolled because of rolling the spiral into the shape.

How To Make 3D Paper Flowers

3D Paper Flower

This flower is made by cutting out several layers of the flower shape in different sizes. Each shape is shaped or curled as needed. The flower is made by stacking each shape on top of the other, with the largest size on the bottom and the smallest size on the top.

How To Make Large Paper Flowers

Large Paper Flower

This flower is created by cutting out several individual flower petals. Typically it is made in 3 layers with 6 petals or each layer. Each petal is curled and glued to the base. It is completed by putting a center in the middle

While the assembly steps are unique to each paper flower type, they share a few things in common. Let’s go and learn! No Time to Read This Project Right Now? If you need to come back to this, be sure to save or share this free tutorial. Most people save it to a crafting pinboard or share it to a Facebook group focused on crafts


  • Paper – no matter what flower you are making, they all need paper! You’ll find that paper florists are either working with cardstock or crepe paper. I primarily work with cardstock. My favorite go to brand is Recollections. Make sure it is 65 lbs cardstock weight
  • Templates – you can create your own using shapes in Design Space or you can find some of them at my Etsy shop
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Gorilla stick


  • Bone Folder – is a great tool to curl and score flowers with. You can also use butter knife or bamboo sticks
  • Scissors – ideally in several different sizes
  • Flower Curling Kit – an absolutely must have tool for curling small paper flowers


  1. Select your templates
  2. Setup your petals in Design Space. This detailed Cricut tutorial will walk you through the steps
  3. Cut out your templates
  4. Assemble your flowers using any number of the techniques that I explain in my tutorials

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