How I Became a Paper Flower Florist

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My love of creating paper flowers sprouted from my love of beautifying and capturing events. Don’t you just love beautiful décor to give you those perfect touches for your event? Do you admire small details of carefully coordinated colors? Selection of china? Do custom and unique pieces that take your event to another level speak to me? Do you take your time to capture memories of events? Do you treasure memories from the events in years to come? All of the above speaks to me.


How my story began. My kids’ daycare hosts an annual Purim party. I love connecting with my community, especially over food and good conversations. Throw in great décor and pictures into the mix and you got a perfect party. So what did I do? I have volunteered myself to create decorations for our annual Purim event and offered to take pictures of the event as well.


You are probably wondering or maybe even assuming that I wanted to build a paper flower backdrop wall for the event. Well… that is not quite how the story went. I did build a backdrop, but it wasn’t a paper flower backdrop just yet. It took me building two backdrops before I built my first paper flower backdrop.


Custom cricut drapes

My first backdrop was I used colorful drapes to create a simple background. It sounds simple, but I quickly learned that an effortlessly looking effect is often a result of many hours of hard work behind it. For my second backdrop, I used flowers from Dollar Tree. While researching different ideas for backdrops I came across paper flower backdrops. To say that I was hooked is an understatement. I pretty much fell in love with the look of large paper flowers right away.



I loved the idea so much I promptly searched for paper flower tutorials and files. This is when I discovered amazing Judy and her phenomenal paper flower cutting files and tutorials. I downloaded the files, and initially, I was cutting everything by hand. But I quickly realized that I wanted to be able to cut intricate designs. This is how I learned about the Cricut machine and I promptly got myself a Cricut Air 2 machine, which at the time was an excellent choice for my needs.


cricut 3d flowers

My first few flowers were not my best work. But of course, I thought they were gorgeous and I proudly displayed them all over my office at my work. I was blown away by being able to make 3D paper flowers from cardstock paper. Let’s be honest that it is pretty amazing.


3d baby shower cricut sign

Next, I offered to create a welcome sign with paper flowers for my friends. After that came a baby shower welcome sign with paper flowers for a co-worker. Less than 6 months into my journey I decided that what I wanted was to design my own paper flowers templates. I started to learn about SVGs, graphic design software, and very quickly I set up my own Etsy shop (if you are going to check out my Etsy shop, don’t forget to use coupon Cricut for a discount!) where I offered my templates. And this is a story of how I became paper flowers florist and Maker Of Beauty was born.







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