Fun Paper Flower Project for Summer Camp

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Are you a teacher working in a summer camp? Or are you a crafter who supports our kids’ schools and gives classes during summer camp? If you are looking are a creative project for children, I highly recommend paper flower crafting.

It’s easy to follow. Prepare in advance. Students love working with paper and in the end, they will have a beautiful project to take home. Great for individual projects or even a group project or both!

I have been teaching classes at my kids’ summer camp for the last year and the paper flower project is always on the menu.

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  1. Select your templates
  2. Decide on the size of your flower. Remember to always set your base to be at least 2 to 3 inches larger than your largest petal. If your large petal is 5 inches in height, set your base to 8 inches
  3. Plan to have at least 3 layers for your flower. For a fuller look, add two more layers. Reduce the size of each petal by 1 to 1.25 inches
  4. Set up a project in Design Space. Not sure how to organize your petals? This detailed tutorial will walk you through the steps
  5. Use your Cricut Machine to cut out your templates. Remember to use 12×24 mats to cut more petals at once
  6. Style each petal by curling the sides, and/or creating a slit in the middle to give your petal more depth. This playlist has several tutorials on how to style different templates
  7. Glue your petals to your base. Start with the largest size petal and work your way to the smallest
  8. Create a fringe center or use small 3D Paper Flowers as centers or create individual flowers to put on canvas

You are done!

paper flowers for all occasions

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