Fun Acrylic Painting Birthday Activity

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Are you a teacher working in a summer camp? Or are you a crafter who supports our kids’ schools and gives classes during summer camp? If you are looking are a creative project for children, I highly recommend paper flower crafting.

It’s easy to follow. Prepare in advance. Students love working with paper and in the end, they will have a beautiful project to take home. Great for individual projects or even a group project or both!

I have been teaching classes at my kids’ summer camp for the last year and the paper flower project is always on the menu.

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  • Cardstock – try Recollections 65 lbs cardstock weight
  • Gorilla sticks
  • Acrylic Paint from Michaels – I recommend FolkArt brand. It lays on easily and doesn’t leave smudges
  • Canvas – I recommend using the 8×8 size that comes in a bundle deal. Don’t forget to use Michaels coupons
  • Paperclips


  • 3D Paper Flower Template – this 3D paper flower bundle is the absolute best option. I highly recommend using the peony template because it is easy to work with.


prep Steps:

  • Precut all of your 3D flowers, and curl all the layers except one. Leave that layer for the party guest to finish. To keep everything organized, stack each layer you need for a single flower and use paper clips to keep them together. Here is a quick TikTok video to show you what I mean
  • Depending on the size of the party, plan to have a second adult to help you keep the kids focused and organized
  • Cover the table with a plastic cloth to keep it clean
  • Set up individual crafting spaces at the table for each child. Each setting should have:
    1 Paper plate to serve as painting plate
    1 painting brush
    Plastic cup with a bit of water
    Several napkins to clean brushes
    1 Canvas
  • Setup a separate station for the flowers:
    Hot glue gun
    Partially made flower


  1. Do a quick introduction to explain the crafting activity. Assign each kid a number. This will come in handy to call them up to the flower-making station. Have each kid sign his or her name on the back of a canvas. Help pour paint onto the plate and get busy with painting the canvas. Strongly suggest overseeing how much paint is being used. Kids will often go overboard painting with a generous amount of paint, your canvas will need to be dry to attach the flower.
  2. While kids are painting, call each child by their number to have them work at the flower-making station. Let them roll the last layer of the flower, and help them glue it together. Remember to write the name of the child on a piece of paper and use the paper clips to attach the paper to the flower.
  3. Once the canvas is painted, let is dry during the cake eating festivity. Finish with hot gluing paper flowers to the canvas. Take lots of pictures!

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