Fun Acrylic Paint Pour

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I love crafting with my girls. Lord knows crafting with kids can be a trying experience when they are little, refuse to listen, and of course, they are the real boss. But… But… But… Crafting with kids is a gift that keeps on giving. It is full of joy, wonderful memories, bonding experiences, and learning experiences for both you and your children. I have been crafting with my little girls since the oldest one turned barely 3 years old.

Acrylic Pour

We are not scared to experiment. If something catches our eye, we will try to implement it. A few years ago the crafting world discovered the joy of acrylic paint pour, I decided to delight my children and do exactly that – fun acrylic paint pour.

Did it work? Surprisingly yes! I have been pleasantly surprised by the result. One of my crafting challenges is selecting complimentary colors. The colors that I selected for this project are not necessarily a good match on the color wheel, but the result was impressive indeed. And of course, the kids had a blast. 

Let’s get going with this project. No Time to Read This Project Right Now? If you need to come back to this, be sure to save or share this free tutorial. Most people save it to a crafting pinboard or share it with a Facebook group focused on crafts.


  • Cardstock – my go-to brand is
  • Acrylic Paint from Michaels – I enjoy working with FolkArt brand. It lays on easily and doesn’t leave smudges. I am not particularly fond of Craft Smart brand.
  • Canvas – Go for the 8×8 size that comes in a bundle deal. Make sure to use Michaels coupons.


  • Aluminum Cooking Pan
  • Serveral Plastic cups
  • Note: Dollar Tree is the best store to get these tools!


  • Select all the colors you want to pour.
  • Shake your paint well, and pour a generous amount of each color into a plastic cup.
  • Add a bit of water to each cup of color to make it thinner and mix it really well. We have learned that a thick pour can end up with a cracking effect when the paint dries up. Thinning it out with water fixes that issue.
  • Put an empty cup inside your pan, put your canvas on the top of that cup, and….
  • Start taking turns pouring colors on the canvas.
  • We poured mostly in the center and waited for the paint to start spreading across the canvas. After that, we took turns to gently lift the canvas from different sides to help the paint to move around to cover an entire surface. We added more paint as needed. Once the entire canvas was covered we left it sitting on the cup overnight to let the extra paint drip off, and to start dry.

Enjoy your work of art!

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