Easy DIY Wedding Sign

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One of the things I love and adore about DIYing is the opportunity to create truly unique pieces. The best part is the projects don’t have to be expensive. Are you a bargain shopper? I know I am! I am a frequent flyer at Good Will, Dollar Tree, and always make sure to use coupons at Michaels.

For example, the gorgeous gold frame in my “Welcome” wedding sign that I created for my friends’ wedding, was an old picture that I found at a Good Will store. The backing is a foam board from Michaels’ which I  spray painted in black. The total of frame, foam and paint cost me than $10, but the result looks uniquely expensive and elegant.

Are you ready to make your sign? No Time to Make This Project Right Now? If you need to come back to this, be sure to save or share this free tutorial. Most people save it to a crafting pinboard or share it with a Facebook group focused on crafts.

If you are ready to bring out your DIYing side, I have an entire recipe for you to follow!




  1. Spray paint your frame in the color of your choice
  2. Spray paint foam board which will become the backing for your frame
  3. Hot glue (or staple) foam to your frame
  4. Cut out your vinyl border. Pro Tip – for this project I used Contact paper as my transfer paper. Its tackiness is on a lower medium-end and that’s exactly what you want to make sure it comes off your foam board easily without stripping paint and/or pulling layers off the foam board itself
  5. While your frame and foam board are drying, let’s get busy with creating paper flowers! I have an entire YouTube playlist with detailed tutorials that walk you through the steps to create amazing, one of kind paper flowers. If you prefer readable tutorials, this blog post on how to make paper flowers is a great one to read
  6. Cut out your vinyl designs and transfer them to your frame
  7. Position your flowers. Get creative, play with different combinations, the sky is the limit. Try putting them all on one side, or top only. The key is don’t apply hot glue until you are happy with the final placement.  When you are ready to attach everything, don’t remove all of your flowers in their placement spot. Instead, glue each flower one at a time. This will help ensure the flower will stay exactly where want it to stay. Alternatively, take pictures of your final placement, and refer to the pictures as your visual guide

Enjoy a project! Don’t forget to tag me, I absolutely would love to see your creation!

paper flowers for all occasions

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