Easy 3D Mandala Tutorial

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Easy Mandala tutorial

3D Mandala projects began as a crafting craze a few years ago and since then they have become more and more sophisticated.

I finally had a chance to cut some of the files from the bundle created by talented Lori Kimble ­

I am using it with a reverse canvas that we are turning into table centerpieces for my family to decorate our tables with. Not sure what reverse canvas is? This easy Reverse Canvas tutorial will explain the basics to you.

I goofed with my sequence of the colors, so I only used 3 pieces instead of all 4. But even with 3 pieces, it turned out super lovely! Make sure to watch the video below which shows the two items you need to help create space between layers and give it a 3D look.

No Time to Do This Project Right Now? If you need to come back to this, be sure to save or share this free tutorial. Most people save it to a crafting pinboard or share it with a Facebook group focused on crafts.




  • Set up a project in Design Space. Few important things to remember. Your project should come as a grouped file for all the layers. Don’t ungroup your project. First, make sure you decide on your size and apply that size to the entire group. This will ensure that all your layers are properly sized for the entire project. You don’t have to use the colors suggested by the designer. You can cut your mandala using your own choice of colors.
  • Cut out your templates.
  • Layer each cut out in the correct sequence
  • Use foam dots to create space in between layers. If needed you can glue extra dots on top of each other to give extra height
  • Enjoy the end result!

Video here – Full tutorial on how to make a 3D mandala

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