DIY Dollar Tree Trumpet Vase

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Today I am going to share with you how to use Dollar Tree glasses and bowls to a build 30-inch tall trumpet vase for a centerpiece. Just like I did for my mother’s 70th birthday party!

Was it a big saving? Absolutely! Each vase cost me less than $7 to make. If you are looking for budget-friendly décor crafting, this tutorial is for you. I enjoyed this project from start to finish and the vases were a huge hit, along with the beautiful paper flower arrangements I created for the occasion.

These vases served as centerpieces at my mom’s birthday party, as well as the flower bouquet in my mom’s honor (yes, truly, all thanks to my little brother who left an actual bouquet at home) and they continue to serve as beautiful centerpieces for many family occasions.

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All materials are for a single vase. Multiply each item by the number of vases you’ll need for your festive occasion. All glassware and bowls are from Dollar Tree


  1. Ensure that all of the pieces are the correct size and fit together.
  2. Begin building the middle part. Glue your candle holders on each side of your glass bowl. Make sure you glue the larger part of your candle holder for both sides. You don’t need a lot of glue, but make sure that you cover the entire surface of your glass (I like to use wooden crafts sticks to apply the glue). Add some weight to make sure that the glass bonds well. If you put a lot of glue, parts of it might spill from the sides. Use a q-tip to gently remove excess glue. Remember to do it before the glue sets. E-6000 needs 24 to 48 hours to fully bond. Try not to move your glued components until the glue has a chance to set it to avoid creating gaps in between.
  3. Once the middle part is done you are ready to complete building the rest of the vase. Take one pilsner glass and turn it upside down with the large part of the glass on the bottom. Cover the top of your glass with the glue, and align your middle part. At this point, you should have a pilsner glass on the bottom and a middle part on the top. Next, put the glue on the top of your middle part, and align the bottom of the 2nd pilsner glass. Apply pressure to the vase. I like to use several books for the added pressure. Wipe off the excess glue carefully. If you need to re-align any pieces make sure to do it before the glue sets.
  4. You are done. Enjoy your gorgeous trumpet vase

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