Cricut Tips & Tricks Group Builds Paper Flower Backdrop TOGETHER

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I am so excited to write this post. Several weeks ago I was visiting Portugal with my kids. Such a wonderful place on Earth. One of the things that I loved about the trip was seeing all new and beautiful flowers. They touched and spoke to me every day. This experienced inspired me to create new paper flower templates and create a new backdrop. And this time…. Drum rolls, please!!! I have invited my Facebook groups to join in and work together on creating our own unique and individual paper flower backdrops using our Cricut machines.

My journey into the world of Cricut crafting started with paper flowers crafting. It feels that all of the roads I travel lead me back to paper flowers. I love making paper flower templates. I love trying to come up with different ways of shaping petals. New and creative ways of utilizing different mediums to bring together a new effect. I am excited to be sharing this with the whole wide world!

The plan is for me to put out at least one flower a week, record the steps, and share it away with my groups via all of my social media channels: short reels on my Facebook page, Instagram or TikTok, and long tutorials on my YouTube channel, this blog (do make sure to follow!), and emails. The best part, I’ll be sharing all of my templates that I create for this backdrop during this activity. Make sure to join in because once the backdrop is completed the templates will go into my Etsy store.

You are probably wondering how is the project going so far? It is going AMAZING. Here is a quick look into what I have put out this week.


Ready to join in the magic of creating an amazing paper flower backdrop with our beloved Cricut machines? Stay tune for all the blog posts. No Time to Read This Project Right Now? If you need to come back to this, be sure to save or share this free tutorial. Most people save it to a crafting pin board or share it with a Facebook group focused on crafts.


  • Currently the templates are completely free! Email me for your access!



  • Bone Folder
  • Scissors
  • Flower Curling Kit – this is an absolute must to have tool for working with small flowers
  • Foam board or insulation board – This would depend on the size of your backdrop. If you plan to do a full wall, get two insulation boards, and it will give you a total size of 8 feet by 8 feet which is an excellent size for any large size event.
  • Pipe & Drape System (only if you are planning to use your backdrop in a venue other than your house. At home, you can simply lean the board against your walls.
  • Zip ties (this will come handy if you are planning to use your backdrop


First, let’s discuss the insulation board you are going to be using for the backdrop. I have several pro tips for you. The board is very light, make sure you are delivering it on a sunny day. You don’t want the wind to blow it away from your truck. If you decide that you need your board cut, do it at Home Depot. The board is made out of crumbling material, cutting it results in a big mess. Use wide size duck tape to cover the edges to avoid the mess. Most importantly, remember to number your cut outs. This will help you to put it all together correctly when you are ready to assemble it. Here are some pictures of my old backdrop to demonstrate what I mean. You’ll see how the edges are sealed with a tape and pieces are numbered.

Another tip is you should invest time into setting up your petals in Design Space manually and avoid relying on Design Space software doing it for you. The reason is taking your time to position your petals in Design Space gives you a lot of control over utilizing every inch of your cardstock paper. Give this quick tutorial a look to see how I do it:

In this tutorial you’ll learn that I always add small flowers to any empty space not taken by large flowers.

I do that because I will be able to utilize them for creating amazing centerpieces for my large paper flowers. And you can even use them for creating new flowers too! It takes a bit of extra time to work with smaller size petals. But guys, the end result is SPECTACULAR!

For this project I am planning to be making mostly large paper flowers. I am spending a bit of time showing you how you can create several different looks by using the same petal (don’t forget to email me to get your templates!).

This week I am going to work on putting together a detailed tutorial that walks you through how I have build my first 2 flowers so far. In mean time make sure to visit the group and review Featured tab for a post about this project. Use comments to ask your questions! I am so excited to be sharing this with you!

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