Cricut Pens and Markers

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Did you know you that Cricut machines can “write” and “draw”? Both functionalities are a huge hit with Cricut users. You can convert almost any cut design to a drawing design or add drawing elements to any project. One of the things to know about this feature is that you are not limited to using Cricut pens only! You have options! Yes, truly!

You might wonder what’s so attractive about using non-Cricut brands. The attractive part is that it gives you a lot more options for the type of pens you can use. Do you want to use thin pens, or maybe gel pens and etc? With these adapters, you can. Depending on the project you are working on, having a greater variety of pens that you can use for your Cricut machine might be a strongly appealing factor for you.

Please note that these adapters are not supported by Cricut. If you need help and assistance, you’d have to reach out to the company that you get adapters from.

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