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I am on my second week of developing new paper flowers templates and building my paper flower backdrop. Here is a quick recap of the project. I design at least one paper flower a week, record the steps, and share it away with all of my Facebook groups via all of my social media channels: short reels on my Facebook page, or TikTok, and long tutorials on my YouTube channel, this blog (do make sure to follow!), and emails.

Of course, don’t forget that I’ll be sharing all of my templates that I create for this backdrop during this activity. Make sure to join in because once the backdrop is completed the templates will go into my Etsy store. If you need a recap of how it started make sure to read this post.

Let’s take a look at this week’s progress! While the start of this project was great, I feel like this week’s result became a very strong contender. I managed to carve out some time and I created 6 new paper flower templates. All of these templates are ethically made svgs that I make from scratch. Take a look at them below. What do you think?

Ready to continue with the magic of creating an amazing paper flower backdrop with our beloved Cricut machines? Continue reading this blog post.




    • Flower Curling Kit – this is an absolute must to have tool for working with small flowers

    • Foam board or insulation board – This would depend on the size of your backdrop. If you plan to do a full wall, get two insulation boards, and it will give you a total size of 8 feet by 8 feet which is an excellent size for any large size event.

    • Pipe & Drape System (only if you are planning to use your backdrop in a venue other than your house. At home, you can simply lean the board against your walls.

    • Zip ties (this will come handy if you are planning to use your backdrop


This week I want to start with detailed explanation behind why I choose not to glue my paper flowers to the board. I prefer to use pins. This works great when using insulation board as a backing for paper flower backdrop. If I was using a different board, for example a foam board, I would use Velcro instead.

If you take a closer look at the picture you’ll see my large purple flower displaying a pin in the middle. The other flowers are pinned with pins as well. I like to use the corsage pins but you can use any long pins.

Here is a detailed short videos explaining my reasons behind why I like using pins for attaching my paper flowers for the paper flower backdrop.

For this project I am cutting large paper flowers (don’t forget to email me to get your templates!) This pretty flower was created using only 5 petals for each layer! Yes, you have read it correctly, just five.

Here is a look at few more of the ones I created this week. I am taking a week off making any more flowers and will work on putting together a detailed blog post about how all of the flowers I have made so far.

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