Best Laptop For Cricut

Laptop is an essential component of Cricut crafting journey. Let’s talk about it!

Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash
You need a laptop to run Design Space, you are going to use it to run many other craft related applications and probably check your emails. Because it is a hefty investment, it is important to understand what to look for when deciding to purchase a new laptop. So what is the best Cricut laptop?

The starting point is to recognize that when looking for best Cricut laptop you should pay attention to cricut laptop requirements. The brand itself doesn’t matter as much, even expensive brand names like Dell fail on regular basis. The single most important thing to understand and consider are specs required for smooth experience.

Cricut recommends at least 4GB of RAM, but this is very low requirement. You should consider getting at least 8GB RAM. An even better option would be to go for 16GB of RAM. Ideally your device would have Core i7 for Processor, but Core i5 is a good option as well. Why is RAM and the size of RAM is so important? RAM allows you to access multiple programs at once with speed and efficiency. Low RAM means your laptop will move very slow.

Your next consideration should be memory space on your laptop. As you save more files on your laptop, your device performance will slow down. Consider that you will need to install additional software, such as tools to unzip files, applications for working with text, possibly PowerPoint, maybe Photoshop and etc. These software place demand on your CPU as well. To alleviate this you should consider getting a removal drive to keep your images on it. Toshiba 2TB is an excellent choice.

PRO TIP – Please remember that a Chromebook is currently NOT supported by Cricut. While you are able to download and install Design Space on a Chromebook, it is not guaranteed that an application will work for you.