Creating Paper Flower Peony Using Cricut Machine

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Creating a paper flower peony using a Cricut Maker machine can be a fun and creative project.

Guys, I love me some peonies! What about you!?!?!? You know the biggest challenge with peony? It is all about how to get that full peony look with cardstock! This blog post has you covered! It includes all the details on how to crumple the paper to achieve the desired look!

Ready to join in the magic of creating an amazing peony paper flower  with our beloved Cricut machines? Stay tune for all the blog posts. No Time to Read This Project Right Now? If you need to come back to this, be sure to save or share this free tutorial. Most people save it to a crafting pin board or share it with a Facebook group focused on crafts.

Gather the materials:

Design and cut the flower petals:

  • Open the Cricut Design Space software on your computer and select the peony flower design. You can use a pre-made design or create your own.
  • Place the colored cardstock or paper on the Cricut cutting mat and load it into the machine.
  • Follow the instructions on the software to set the cutting parameters (blade depth, pressure, etc.) according to the type of paper you are using.
  • Start the cutting process and let the Cricut Maker machine cut out the peony flower petals.

Remove the cut petals:

  • Once the machine has finished cutting, carefully remove the paper from the cutting mat.
  • Gently separate the petals from the excess paper, ensuring not to tear them.

Crumple the petals:

  • Take one petal at a time and use your fingers to crumble it gently. This will give the petals a natural and realistic appearance. This video has detailed steps on how to
  • Be careful not to crumple the petals too tightly, as it may damage the paper or make them difficult to work with
  • After crumpling, shape the petals by gently curving the edges with your fingers. This will add dimension to the flower.
  • You can also curl the petal tips slightly using a pencil or pen to create a more realistic look.

Assemble the flower:

  • Take one petal and apply a small amount of hot glue along the bottom edge.
  • Repeat this step for each petal, each later is slightly larger than next
  • Continue adding petals until you are satisfied with the fullness of the flower.

Paper Flower Peony

By following these steps, you can create a beautiful paper flower peony using a Cricut Maker machine.

Remember to take your time and enjoy the creative process!

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