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Crafting for Profit?

So, you love crafting in your spare time…
but can you make money

Our Cricut Partner, Alicia Desiree at, is sharing her insights!

Can I make money crafting as a side hustle?

Yes! The great thing about crafting as a side business is that you can choose from a multitude of crafts. You can develop a niche, do it all, do what you love, and learn what you love as you build your business over time. Even if you find something you love to do but think your audience won’t like it, trust me, there is a customer base for you that wants and will buy your creations!

Can I add Cricut crafting to my existing business?

Absolutely. The great thing about Cricut crafting is there are so many different things you can do with your Cricut. Whether you make shirts or build homes, your Cricut can add an element to your business that you didn’t even know was missing.

Is there a market for this?

There’s always a market! Don’t think “oh they are doing it too” or “everyone has a Cricut” yes! it may seem like everyone does but don’t worry about everyone else. Figure out what you want to do, what you want to make, and your gift will make room for you. I didn’t even start my business with a Cricut but adding one to my craft room led me in a direction I never expected. I expanded my craft footprint and once you get a Cricut I’m sure you’ll be like me and discover so many other crafts and opportunities that you didn’t even know were available to you.

Can this expand into a full-time income?

So many people expand their crafting to a full-time income. Be realistic. Be open. Be willing. If this is a goal of yours it is certainly attainable. Whether you want to teach or sell products, you will find an audience for your goals but just like a full-time job, this is work and even when the final product looks pretty a lot of work goes into it. Keep an open, encouraged, positive spirit and press on. You will see it happen!

Etsy Shops

HGTV articles on crafting for profit

Crafting Magazines with ads inside

Google searches on how to craft


Interested in launching
your crafting business?

Where do you start?


Develop Your Niche

What problem are you solving? What do you want to do, that compines your enjoyment and can be sold?


Develop your market advantage and messaging.

Why are you special? What makes you different? Why do people want to work with you?


Build Your Funnel

Plan your customer journey. How will people find you? 


Monitor and Improve

Once you’re up and running, keep track of conversions. Use this information to look for where you can improve your message. 

Let’s hear from another crafter!

Stephanie Brown

Not your average artist baker blogger couponer geek graphic designer mom. Not your average anything! 

As a single mom, working a full-time job, crafting has always been a way for me to get some much-needed “me time”.  The craft didn’t matter, as long as I could create something, I found it relaxing and rewarding. It wasn’t until I started posting my finished projects on social media, that I realized that I could make a profit from the crafts that I do!  My first customers, and still the most loyal, were my friends and family, which led to their friends and the family of their friends.  Eventually, that led to setting up on weekends at a local farmer’s market, and now, having my creations in a local shop!

I enjoy my crafting side hustle.  I appreciate the extra income it brings in, which allows me to pay for my kids’ extra-curricular activities and entertainment.  I don’t have any immediate plans to turn my side hustle into a full-time business, but if/when I decide to do so, I am confident that I can make it happen.  The key to making any crafting business profitable is to make sure that you have a unique quality product.  Cricut is an amazing tool to help make that happen.

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