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Content is a key to being successful when you are trying to turn your crafting for fun into crafting for profit. All social media platforms “reward” you when you generate regular content. Facebook suggests posting at least twice a day on your Facebook page. Instagram will get you more views if you post on daily basis. To get the full benefit of Pinterest you have to pin 20 to 30 pins a day. You also need to show examples of your work to your customers.


Generating this much of content sounds very daunting and stressful. But it doesn’t have to be. With smart planning, basic understanding of how to re-utilizing your content, and using the right tools will save you time while generating attractive content on regular basis.


For example use free mock ups from Design Bundle to download attractive pictures. While you are downloading your free mock ups, download some of the freebies to use for future project, and to generate several pins for your Pinterest.


As you are working on downloading, and putting pictures together in Canva, make a recording of you working on it, upload it to your TikTok, Instagram and Facebook reels.


Don’t spend all of your time uploading your content to each platform individually. Instead use Tailwind to schedule all of your posts. Currently Tailwind posts to Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. It will correctly size each one of your posts as required by each platform. Don’t forget to utilize its stock pictures that you can use to generate even more content.


Did you know that you can partner with other crafters and use their content as long as you obtain their permission and properly acknowledge them in your posts?Unsure about what to put in your descriptions? Don’t spend your time guessing, instead use keyword plugin to remove the guessing part out and generate content that will get your traffic.

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