Bat Mitzvah Paper Flower Project

You all know that I love to share my Cricut cutting tips and tricks. And this week we are going to put them to use making our own paper flower backdrop for my Bat Mitzvah project. This paper flower project is super easy and fun to do. In fact it’s a great rainy day project for kids too! Make it for any occasion and share with friends, family and people you love.

The flowers turned out stunning with the colors selected by a princess of the day and her faithful helpers, aka siblings. The other thing that I loved was that we weren’t just given one flower and there wasn’t only one way to complete it. Everyone could make their flowers unique to their own style. Plus, with so many different supplies to choose from, everyone ended up with something totally their own. This project was an absolute blast!

For this project I used several different templates that you can find in my Etsy store. If you need a suggestion on which templates to use, send me an email or leave a comment and I’ll be happy to make suggestions.

Ready to join in the magic of creating an amazing paper flower backdrop with our beloved Cricut machines? Stay tune for all the blog posts. No Time to Read This Project Right Now? If you need to come back to this, be sure to save or share this free tutorial. Most people save it to a crafting pin board or share it with a Facebook group focused on crafts.


  • Currently the templates are completely free! Email me for your access!



  • Bone Folder
  • Scissors
  • Flower Curling Kit – this is an absolute must to have tool for working with small flowers
  • Foam board or insulation board – This would depend on the size of your backdrop. If you plan to do a full wall, get two insulation boards, and it will give you a total size of 8 feet by 8 feet which is an excellent size for any large size event.
  • Pipe & Drape System (only if you are planning to use your backdrop in a venue other than your house. At home, you can simply lean the board against your walls.
  • Zip ties (this will come handy if you are planning to use your backdrop


Celebration decorations

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