Bar Mitzvah Paper Flower Backdrop

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Bar Mitzvah is one of the most exciting events in a life of a young Jewish boy. It is a rite of passage of embracing adulthood and being ready to take part in public worship. One of the first paper flower backdrops that I have built was for a Bar Mitzvah party! If you ever have anyone tell you that paper flower backdrops are for girls’ events only, just show them this blog post to prove paper flowers are fit for any event!

Let me share the full story behind my Bar Mitzvah Paper Flower Backdrop! I was networking with various event decorators to get my paper flower walls rental business off the ground. I needed events to display my work, and of course, get pictures for my portfolio. As a new business owner, I was creative in making an attractive offer to get business. Through networking, I met a family who was interested in my work. We agreed that the customers will cover the cost of the paper and will help me to build the wall and in exchange, I’ll get professional pictures and glowing recommendations! Since I was already working at the event I offered to make table centerpieces

Bar Mitzvah Paper Flower Backdrop - final


Ready to learn the magic behind creating an amazing paper flower backdrop? This easy-to-follow tutorial is just what you need. Read on to learn about the materials, tools, and detailed steps, and you’ll be making amazing backdrops in no time!

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  • Paper Flower Templates. Consider acquiring a bundle of templates, unless you have your heart set on specific ones.




For detailed notes on how to calculate the size of your backdrop read this tutorial – Large Paper Flower Backdrop

For this event, I set the size of an entire backdrop to 8 feet by 8 feet with the paper flowers set in an asymmetrical design. Each side of the backdrop matched the other in color and the paper flower template with the middle displaying uniquely different flowers. Here is a quick tutorial to learn how to make large paper flowers.

I built all of my flowers before the event and ran a trial run at my house. I arrived at the event 5 hours early to set up. And let me tell you, I am so glad that I did! This was my first big event and I truly learned a lot of things as I went along, read Tips For Event Planning for tips and tricks.

I used Dollar Tree foam board for the backing. I hot glued hooks from the Dollar Tree to the back of the foam board and hung them over the pipe and drape system.

Since the paper flowers were pre-assembled at home, all that was left to do was to hot glue them onto foam board. And that is when I learned the importance of having extra flowers! An excellent lesson that I am happy to share!

When the setup of the paper flowers was complete, I enjoyed watching people admire, take pictures, and have fun in front of the backdrop! Mazel Tov!

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