About Maker of Beauty

Hello and welcome!

I am Olechka, aka MakerofBeauty, creative and technical brain behind this website. I am a busy mom with two demanding children whom I love dearly, but whose shenanigans I don’t love as much. I enjoy a successful daytime career as a clinical applications analyst. Come evening, I pull out my much loved crafting hat and get busy with my crafting adventures. 

My story of becoming a crafter began with my love of hosting parties. I volunteered to help with an event at my kids’ daycare. I believe that beautiful décor is one of the important elements of creating a successful event. I started to look into creating decorations and that led me to my journey of learning the art of paper crafting and DIY décor.


My background in technology helped me to acquire in-depth knowledge of tools created especially for crafters. I decided to take my creations and knowledge to the next level, and thus Maker of Beauty was born. This journey is an ongoing adventure that has gone through several major changes of directions and has currently taken me to designing digital files for flower templates, running several large crafting Facebook groups, and blogging. 

I have started this blog as a place to share technical knowledge with new Cricut users. This blog will be a great resource for you whether you craft for your own pleasure and/or if you are hoping to turn your crafting adventure into a small business. 

A bit of personal tidbits about me. I love coffee, technical build, as well as both straight talk and double meaning risqué talks. 

I have lived, traveled and volunteered in several different countries. I speak several languages, some of them more fluently than others. I don’t get offended easily because I know who I am, what I stand for, and I like me! 

I admin my groups the same way as I run my life – with grace, solid understanding of my own vision and boundaries. I don’t shy away from difficult conversations (let’s be honest, the crafting world is full of them, hello “let’s clean up images in DS space for personal use” I am looking at you!), and I am OK with people not agreeing with me.

My favorite quote is

“There is beauty in letting time do its duty.”

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.

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